Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Inevitable 'Its a New Year... Expect Big Things' Post (sorry, had to be done)

Its almost the new year and so you know what that means; every blogger re-dedicates themselves to their page. Sadly, I am no different. This year I've slacked off and as a result, the blog has suffered. Of course, I did manage to finish the new manuscript, so I'm hoping to win back points for that one. And actually, I think that will be the focus of this blog for the next few months- the process of getting 'A Gentle Habit' under contract, and also, getting "Girl Who Grew A Galaxy' into print (6 months away!!) 2012 is proving to be a successful year already, because I won't have it any other way. The Residency at U of T continues, the novel is coming out, the new short story ms. finished, 4 launches already booked in 2 countries, muskratmagazine.com taking off, new projects underway; its all coming together. I am a bit frightened as only someone with anxiety can be- failure would be heartbreaking and success would be nerve-racking, but at least it'll make for an interesting blog.

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