Monday, June 6, 2011

RED ROOMS is being reprinted!

Here it is people. Red Rooms, which recently sold out (YAY!!!!) is being reprinted by Theytus Books and will be available at bookstores and online soon.

If you have an innovative and well-crafted manuscript (and are an Aboriginal writer) I highly suggest Theytus. They are a bright and hard-working group of hotties who will make the experience fun and sucessful.

Here is what Tomson Highway said about Red Rooms-
"Red Rooms is a delicious read. The sentences flow like silk. Every word tastes like candy. You want it to be four times as long! Ms. Dimaline, when's your next book coming out?! Your public awaits you!"
--Tomson Highway

AND THEN... this is what Theytus said in response:
"Lets say Aug 2012 The Girl Who Grew a Galaxy"

New novel on the way!!!

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